HAPPY BIRTHDAY " 姫乃羽咲 "  メッセージ付きチェキ

■HAPPY BIRTHDAY " 姫乃羽咲 " メッセージ付きチェキ■


・販売期間は2020/10/18(Sun) 19時までです。







・This is the only CHEKI with a "BIRTHDAY" message in the world.

・The sale period is until 19:00 on October 18, 2020 (Sun).

・Please enter the name, nickname, etc. written on the "CHEKI" in the remarks column.

・Please fill in the remarks column with your request, such as an anonymous name and a pause designation.

・After confirming the payment, We can take a "CHEKI".

・We will ship it as soon as it is completed, but please note that it may be delayed depending on the order status.

・We accept shipping both domestically and overseas.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY " 姫乃羽咲 " メッセージ付きチェキ

¥ 1,000 SOLD OUT

Only sold to 10/18/2020 19:00

*Tax included.

*Additional shipping charges may apply, See detail..

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  • Letter-Pack

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    Shipping Fees are the same all over country inside Japan 520JPY
  • Nonstandard‐size Mail

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  • 航空便 手紙(定形・定形外)


    Shipping Fees are the same in all countries outside Japan ¥ 750